No Color Block

We love and embrace our weirdness, it works for us and many others too. Have you ever thought about how unique, smart and talented you are? Do you enjoy the skin you are in? What is the color of water? a place for support and no excuses for getting the best out of life. A way out of “no way to live out your dreams.”

According to Richard Bach, argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours. Our goal is to argue for our possibilities, after all, the universe conspires to align itself with our thoughts.


Once our paths crossed, Karen Gray and I shared many similar experiences in our lives and found that we have at least one thing in common. The passion to empower youths to reach their dreams.

How are we going to achieve that? By simply sharing rich examples of what others achieved, encouraging them to harness their talents, and offering advice on how to start and proceed along the journey to self actualization.

Other similar minded people are encouraged to make contributions likewise by commenting and offering to submit guest posts.

With our experiences, it is out duty to plant the seeds of success into the lives of our young ones.