Miracle in the Andes

The ultimate story of survival is set deep in the Andes mountain range in the middle of winter. The story dates back to the 1970’s but the lessons learned are as relevant today as it were back then.

Nando Parrado was part of a rugby team traveling from his native country of Uruguay to Chile for an exhibition match. In an unfortunate event, the pilots of the aircraft in which they were traveling misjudged their position and crashed into Andes.

Nando Parrado, Miracle in the Andes

Nando, after three days of unconsciousness, woke to discover that the plane carrying his team, as well as their family members and supporters crashed killing his own mother and and other persons on board. His sister who survived the crash, succumbed to her injuries.

The survivors remained stranded on a lifeless glacier at nearly 12,000 feet above sea level for more than two months. There was no means of summoning help, no supplies or appropriate clothing to battle the fierce conditions. They endured freezing temperatures, deadly avalanches, and then the devastating news that the search for them had been called off.

As time passed by, Nando was certain of one thing: he must get home to his grieving father or die trying. He challenged the Andes, even though he knew his efforts could likely kill him. He also knew that his only chance of survival was to attempt to get out. So Nando, an ordinary young man with no disposition for leadership or heroism, led an expedition up the treacherous slopes of a snow-capped mountain and across forty-five miles of frozen wilderness in an attempt to find help.

He succeeded and lived to tell the tales.

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