About Us

No Color Block was born out of a passion shared by Karen Gray and Wayne Farley. Sharing thoughts and lessons learned to youths so that they can follow their dreams. Together, their life experiences are worthy of sharing with the hope that youths can be inspired.

Karen Gray has journeyed from struggling immigrant to a successful entrepreneur. She loves inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs, to dream big, dream in color and strive for excellence.

Karen is currently a New York City Realtor and Network Marketer. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Computer and Information Science, working her way through through school with both full and part time jobs.

He rich work experiences include Investment Banking on both the Information Systems and Investment side, and the entertainment industry at BMG/Arista Records and Virgin’s rock label V2.

Her entrepreneurship started showing up in high school when she dyed T-shirts and sold to friends. A skill she boasts of inheriting from her mother. Many have recognized her talents and strengths; and have documented her humility in leadership, teaching, and inspiring others.

Karen loves encouraging others to achieve their goals, and live their dreams. As she says, if she can touch and impact the life of one person, then her life on earth is not in vain.

Wayne Farley is a career Air Traffic Controller with more that two decades of experience and serving in two countries. He has the experience of working in all three branches of air traffic control: aerodrome, approach and area control. At some point training became part of his portfolio, but he sought to inspire others rather than to solely lecture to them. His world-renowned aviation blog tells the tale.

In his other life, he can be found behind his computer designing and developing websites or creating some stunning graphic design. As he constantly reminds people, he was born as an artist but got distracted by his aviation profession. The computer has become his canvas. Photography is also one of his greatest passions, and reading to a lesser extent.